Several configuration variables are available within Overseer. All of these are handled with a single dictionary configuration object:

    # the title for your page
    'TITLE': 'DISQUS Service Status',

    # the heading text for your page
    'NAME': '',

    # the prefix for overseer's media -- by default this is handled using Django's static media server (pre-1.3)
    'MEDIA_PREFIX': '/media/',

    # the base url to overseer -- highly recommended
    'BASE_URL' : '',

Email Subscriptions

Allow users to subscribe to email notifications on event updates by configuring the following settings in OVERSEER_CONFIG:

    # Enable subscriptions

    # Specify an email from address
    'FROM_EMAIL': '',

    # Ensure base url is set
    'BASE_URL': '',

Twitter Integration

Enabling Twitter integration a few things, first a foremost, you must register an application via Twitter. You only need to fill out the basics. Don’t worry about callback URL, ensure your Application Type is set to Client.

Once you’ve obtained an API KEY and API SECRET, you’ll need to fill in these values in your configuration:


Now you need to obtain an authenticated access token. To do this you’re going to need to obtain a PIN number using OAuth. Overseer includes a command to obtain these values:

python overseer_twitter_auth

This will open a new webpage which will ask for authentication to your Twitter account. Click Allow and paste the PIN code given when Overseer asks for it (via the CLI). When finished, you should see something like this:

(overseer)[~/Development/overseer/example_project] ./ overseer_twitter_auth
Request Token:
    - oauth_token        = tSsXTKV8NjKDNU364umDp9OYqv2dTFLWrsVML3T3vU
    - oauth_token_secret = uawnL5iieRI7GFOHuBuOACJhGT2WEbvJLMlJhF2E

We are opening a new browser window to authorize your account

Enter your PIN number once authorized: 5541487

Configuration changes:

    'TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN':  '241259795-wVnWHaoaI08hbucKhJF1y2CaI4wKvbGyEoF0Ange',
    'TWITTER_ACCESS_SECRET': 'lNkf6CKYPmh3szc1f3ueQdg076facQM3qGKFYzwT2A',

Add the above values to your OVERSEER_CONFIG setting

Simply take the values given, and add them to your configuration:

    'TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN':  '241259795-wVnWHaoaI08hbucKhJF1y2CaI4wKvbGyEoF0Ange',
    'TWITTER_ACCESS_SECRET': 'lNkf6CKYPmh3szc1f3ueQdg076facQM3qGKFYzwT2A',

You’ll see now an option to “Post to Twitter” within the Event administration. While this is selected (it’s value does not persist) any changes made to event updates (additions, for example) will also create a Twitter posting with a permalink (assuming BASE_URL is configured) and the #status hash tag.

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